From the villa you enter the sea in a few minutes, along the walking distance, by car or by a free shuttle service active during the whole summer period.
The beach of Cala dei Gessi is within walking distance with a walkway in the Park.
Villa guests can enjoy the facilities of the Park (bar, swimming pool with sea water, shuttle)

For children there are green areas in the park for games.

The Park Calamoresca is located on the panoramic road and is 7 km. from the town of Porto Santo Stefano.



The Monte Argentario, in addition to having a beautiful turquoise sea is dotted with beautiful beaches and coves that make it an excellent choice for a holiday of fun and relaxation. Wide beaches of fine sand and, small coves with sand and pebble, natural creeks and flat rocks. Some of easy access, others can only be reached by foot paths or solely from the sea, meet the diverse needs of relaxation in
its place.

The Feniglia

The Feniglia is a great dune of fine sand flat, Long 6/7 km that extends south, Monte Argentario coast (Ansedonia). It’ The most important beach of cape for its natural beauty and easy access. Mostly beach lidos are still there, bars and restaurants, located at the beginning of the beach. Behind the Feniglia extends a lush pine forest, protected forest reserve. The wide path that runs along the inside makes it an ideal place for walking or cycling. It’ easy during these trips to meet the deer reserve and is protected shaded pearls hot summer days. Access to the beach is about 1 km from Port Ercole.



Giannella The pillow is north of Monte Argentario and meets before arriving in Porto Santo Stefano. Interspersed with miles of beach, equipped facilities you will find a lot of attention to detail with delicious restaurants on the beach for cocktails at sunset or dine by candlelight.
It’ a beach very suitable for lovers of sailing sports.

The Baths of Domitian

The Baths of Domitian (also known as beach Gerini) is a small sandy beach located on the right side of the road to Porto Santo Stefano, at the foot of what was once the villa of Domitii Enobarbi (Family of Emperor Nero). During low tide, still emerge from the sea the remains of the ancient tanks for fish farming, Also visible are the ruins of the ancient Roman villa(of 36 a.C.) . The bottom is gently sloping beach so very suitable for children. The beach is all free, there is no bar nor bathing.

La Soda

Soda is a creek that are continuing from the Baths of Domitian in the direction of Porto Santo Stefano. It is a beach made of small pebbles, partly free and partly served by a bathhouse, There is also a bar and a restaurant by the sea. Easy access by land and seabed undemanding, make a haul, especially suitable for novice divers who are starting to become familiar with diving.


The beach is Pozzarello immediately after the Soda is a large bay bordered by a road, Also here are a part of beach and a beach club with bar and restaurant. The beach access is directly from the street and is particularly convenient for the handicapped. It is a very quiet beach, to relax, is particularly recommended for the days when there sirocco.

La Bionda

La Bionda, you'll find this pretty little cove taking, at the end of Pozzarello, the road that runs along the sea; or departing from Porto S. Stefano, at the end of the three galleries. From the impression of being a private beach (it is not) as you face some houses, and there was placed a barrier of rocks in which the waters are always calm. It can also be reached on foot from Porto Santo Stefano, Access is convenient, There are no bathing facilities shall bar, drawback on the beach as we point out that often accumulate algae.

The Cantoniera

Roadhouse is a small beach of sand and small pebbles. It can be reached on foot from Porto Santo Stefano, through the tunnel where once (from 1913 to the 1944) passing train that linked the country with Orbetello. There is the beach that the beach with bar and restaurant. It is a very popular and lively beach, you'll have to admire the local teenagers who perform in diving from the rocks on the left side. When there is a south wind the sea is crystal clear. It is also accessible to the handicapped.


The Moletto

The Moletto is a small beach located right in Porto Santo Stefano, is easy to reach and accessible to the handicapped. The space for the free beach is very small, This is also the bathhouse, bar and restaurant. During the summer in the waters off the beach, is placed a tennis water polo.

The Cove

The Cove is the beach of the hotel of, also located in Porto Santo Stefano and then easy access to all. Is this the bathhouse, il bar, the restaurant, and also a scuba diving that allows the ground with a guide for the observation of seahorses. A small artificial harbor also allows children to dive in peace.

The Cacciarella

The Cacciarella is the first of the beaches far from population centers and therefore no bar and bathing but at least much more beautiful from the point of view of nature. The Cacciarella is a small sandy beach, nestled between two cliffs, along the path from the road is about 500 meters and is challenging. Bring mask because the depths are definitely beautiful. In the cliff to the east you will find the Cave of the Turkish access to which is barely visible but inside the cave is wide; According to the legend, Here he managed to hide a local fishing boat fleeing from the Turkish pirates, that in the eighteenth century raged on these shores.

Cala Grande

Cala Grande perfectly visible from the parkway, the cove is the most frequented by boats Argentario. The vegetation comes down to the shore and there is no tourist who does not stop to photograph the beautiful landscape. There is surrounded by three pebble beaches, the path that leads to the first of the three is a little more than 500 meters and is actually the ancient ditch of the Cautious through the picturesque spot of tall ilex. The course is not overly challenging, but not suitable for all. Great place to go snorkeling and relaxing swims.

Cala del Gesso

Cala del Gesso is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Argentario, is situated along the scenic road to km 5.9, where you will find the right way to the exit of the Pioneers, it is a road that you have to follow for a few hundred meters, then, at the end of the descent, leave your car and go through a gate with pedestrian crossing, from here you will have to follow a path paved (Admire the breathtaking views) along approximately 700 meters (the return climb is not recommended during the hottest hours). The fatigue of the journey is amply rewarded by the beauty of this bay, the beach is made up of small pebbles and is located opposite the islet Argentarola. On the cliff to the right are the ruins of an ancient watch tower of the sixteenth century Spanish.


Cala del Bove

Cala del Bove just ahead of Cala del Gesso, the path is accessible only on foot and is about 700 meters; it is a cliff with no beach but the rocks are smooth and allow to lie in a relatively comfortable. Great area to snorkel.

Cala Piccola

Cala Piccola, in this small pebble beach is accessed from the main road and follow the signs to the Hotel Cala Piccola. The road is paved and comfortable. Is this the bathhouse Hotel. In front of the beach is the renowned coral reef, a rock by 45 meters deep back up a few feet from the surface, is a favorite destination for divers.

Mar Morto

The path leading to the beach is long enough (about 500 mt. but not overly challenging) the name of this cove is derived from its rocky barrier that prevents the waves reaching the shore directly, thus forming natural pools in which the water is always calm and allows for bathing in total relaxation. Do not forget to bring umbrella, sunscreen and water because there is no bar nor natural shelters from the sun (here is always very strong). The bottom of this bay is also among the most beautiful Argentario is also rich in fish, there will be enough a mask to enjoy the show. To lay'll need to locate the rocks smoother, obviously does not get too comfortable, However, we advise you not to go on the beach at the foot of the escarpment because in summer the heat is almost unbearable, and access to the sea more complicated, definitely the best barrier we mentioned at the beginning, from which you can more easily reach the open sea, the natural pools, also is the most pleasantly ventilated.

Le Cannelle

Le Cannelle leave your car on the road and walk through a gate with pedestrian access, drive along 150 meters of paved road. From the beach you can see on the left side of the tower Cannelle. When the sea is very rough, you can also admire the surfers and their evolutions on the waves. If you are good swimmers we suggest you make the crossing to the right side and get to the next haul, denominata Dead Sea, where the bottom is spectacular.

L’Acqua Dolce

The Freshwater can be reached from Hercules doors along the scenic road and follow the signs to the Hotel Il Pellicano. Just before arriving at the entrance to the Hotel will be forced to leave the car in a parking lot and walk on a path very easy along about 200 meters. The beach is composed of sand and small pebbles. We recommend that you do not arrive too late at the beach as the sun in summer goes away around 18:00.

The Sbarcatello

The Sbarcatello can be reached from Porto Ercole via the scenic route, GIUNTI al km 1,6 Leave the car and proceed on foot along a footpath.

The Long Beach

Long Beach can be reached from Porto Ercole via the scenic route, GIUNTI al km 1,55 (few meters before the junction for Forte Stella) on the left you will find the path leading to the beach. The path is about 200 meters and in some places it is difficult to practicability. The beach is free, but for those who want the service's rental umbrellas and deck loungers. The bay is dominated by the Forte Stella

Le Viste

The views can be reached from Porto Ercole, just leave the country along the scenic road, on the left you will find a small bar down the road, Leave your car in the designated parking and an easy path to go down about 100 meters. The beach is both free and equipped with bars and bathing. Across the bay is the island.



There are 7 beautiful islands in the Tuscan archipelago that dot the Monte Argentario.
In order of magnitude, Elba, Lily, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri and Gorgona.
All are relatively easy to reach by boat from the port of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole or from the marina of Cala Galera.
From Porto Santo Stefano are active year-round ferry service to the islands.
La marina di Cala Galera, stands where once there was a fascinating natural bay. Now it is a modern marina with luxury yachts and sailboats, shops, bars and restaurants.
The harbor is home to more than 700 boats and is a reference point for the private cruise to Sardinia, Corsica and the Tuscan Archipelago.

The golf course is located in a protected natural area in 5 minutes from Riserva Naturale Duna Feniglia e a 25 km dal Park of Maremma. La Laguna di Orbetello, the sea and the slopes of Monte Argentario offer a panorama of extraordinary beauty and create a microclimate that allows you to play golf all year round.

L 'Argentario Golf Club, that hosts several golf tournaments among the most important in Tuscany and Italy, features 18 panoramic holes for a total of 6.218 meter par 71. The course is certified "Agri Cert" eco bio-compatible and all products used for its maintenance are totally natural.

The’Argentario Golf Academy, in addition to a staff of professional teachers of golf, boasts the simulator TrackMan IIIe, a system of the latest generation for the analysis of the swing.

The field 18 holes and the driving range, opened in 2006, were made by architect David Mezzacane and professional player Baldovino Dassù, Italian flag in the world of golf. The holes were then modeled by a specialist Brian Jorgensen: the result is a path varied, spectacular and technically valid.


Tra le 18 scenic holes, two sea and lagoon, is immersed in a spot and the last is characterized by the body of water that enters the green. The greens are almost all small and a breeze is always present to a mild temperature and add another variable to the game, on this field, requires precision and strength.

Thanks to reciprocal agreements, Argentario Golf Club members can play in the following prestigious golf clubs in Italy and in the world: Arzaga Golf Club, Bogogno Golf Club, Golf Club Rapallo, Royal Park I Roveri e Slieve Russell Golf Club (Ireland).

How to reach the course from Villa Moorish

Coming out of the gate, keep right and take the road Overview. After passing Porto Santo Stefano, continue in the direction of Orbetello.
At the intersection before the bridge over the lagoon of Orbetello, turn right on
the direction of Porto Ercole.
After just 120 meters you will see an open space / parking lot on your right, Here turn right and take Via Aqueduct Leopoldino up the hill
Continue for 900 meters up to the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa on your right.

Argentario Golf Resort & Spa
Leopold Street Aqueduct – 58018 Porto Ercole (GR) Italy